Sailing Track Program

Program Objectives

  • Obtaining an additional 5 units for matriculation.
  • A study program for operating vessel up to 24 meters or 100 tons.
  • Command and operation exercises for sailing a vessel — practical and theoretical.
  • Those who meet the scoring requirements of the Ministry of Transport will receive Skipper licenses:
    – Boating 30 — Yacht Skipper for vessels up to 100 tons and up to 24 meters
    – Boating 11 for Jet Ski and Boating 12 for a speedboat.

Program Specializations:

  1. Officer of the Watch track up to 500 tons
    Designed for the operation of small commercial vessels, including tugs and service vessels, serving primarily ports, gas docks, Israel Electric Corporation, and coastal shipping within 150 miles from the shore.

  2. Port Logistics track
    Port logistics is a complex field encompassing a unique study track in logistics and the global supply chain. Tailored for individuals seeking to specialize in the maritime foreign trade sector and its administration, the curriculum includes all the latest knowledge in management and administration within the industry. Cadets learn to navigate the maritime and international trade landscape in Israel and globally, gaining insights into the various systems and their operations. The program is designed to prepare graduates for roles in various areas of maritime trade, encompassing transportation methods, general logistics techniques, cargo management and the intricacies of large shipments, and the regulatory landscape in countries engaged in international trade with Israel.

    This study program was launched in collaboration with the Cyprus Maritime Academy, under the guidance of Dr. Yehuda Heimlich, a lecturer at the University of Haifa in a master’s program in port logistics and operations.

    In Israel today, many active ports are undergoing expansion due to the rising volume of goods transported by sea, with containers accounting for approximately 95% of total global cargo.

    These ports have advanced computerization and automation, utilizing sophisticated systems to streamline cargo unloading, as well as the entry and exit processes from the port.

All these operations require skilled and professional human resources.

Upon Completion of Studies:

  • Service in the Navy — The Israeli Navy is interested in graduates of these study tracks due to the professional knowledge they acquire.
  • Option for further studies at the college (13th and 14th grade) — Graduates of the officer of the watch track have the opportunity to pursue further studies at the Nautical College in Akko. This additional education leads to certification as merchant navy officers of the watch and provides an international certificate, allowing them to operate ships globally.

*Opening this program is contingent upon the number of participants.

נושאי לימוד

ימאות ספינות
ניווט חופי
מכונאות ספינות
ניווט ומכשירים
קורס ע"ר לצורך הסמכה לשיט

מעשי: הסמכות מעשיות לטופז אומגה סנונית (משיט 21 ) סירה מהירה (משיט 12 ) וספינה (משיט 30)

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