Director of Naval Officers

Dr. Ofra Stein

Adolescence is among the most significant periods in shaping personalities and setting goals for adult life. As an educational institution dedicated to preparing the future generation of the State of Israel and instilling values of leadership and excellence in its students, the Nautical College of Akko is on a mission to contribute to the success of each cadet.

The educational staff, instructors, teachers, cadet commander, school principal and I work tirelessly to unlock the full potential of every cadet and assist them in achieving their goals.

This commitment requires us to set a personal example, be a source of inspiration, and offer guidance to help navigate aspirations and ambitions as the students strive to reach their greatest potential.

Our many graduates throughout the years, military leaders, senior academics and researchers, and prominent figures in Israeli society, are the best evidence of the remarkable journey cadets undergo in our school and the success they can go on to achieve in the future.

We would be thrilled to welcome you aboard as part of the College’s family.

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