Marine Engineering Systems Track Program

Program Objectives

The marine engineering systems track at the Nautical College of Akko teaches and trains its students to serve as naval engineering officers. The post-secondary engineering education acquired by graduates of this track helps them pursue careers in various industries, with opportunities in management, planning or manufacturing within the mechanical engineering industry.

Admission Requirements:
The program accepts applicants who have successfully completed ninth grade with grades of 70 or above in mathematics and physics and who meet the medical fitness criteria for naval service as outlined in the regulations of the Ministry of Transport / Administration of Shipping and Ports.

Full Matriculation Certificate Plus
All students in the track sit full matriculation exams, which include specialized track subjects equivalent to 13-15 study units, in addition to regular matriculation subjects.
The track subjects are grouped into three clusters: physics at a level of 3 or 5 units, and machinery and technical thermodynamics at a level of 5 units.

Bonus Points for Matriculation Scores
Israeli universities and the Technion offer a bonus of 20-25 points for matriculation scores in the three clusters. In practice, this means a substantial improvement of average matriculation scores and admission statistics for higher education institutions.

Technical and Practical Engineering Diplomas
Upon completing high school studies, students continue at our college for further education. Graduates of 13th grade are awarded a mechanical technician diploma, and those completing the 14th grade receive a diploma in practical mechanical engineering, contingent on successfully passing all required exams.

Technical Reserve, BTech
Students in 13th and 14th grades receive a deferral from military service.
Graduates of 14th grade possessing IDF officer candidacy qualifications may also pursue a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (BTech) prior to their military service.
These studies are conducted at five colleges across the country (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Karmiel, Be’er Sheva, Ariel), and admission is granted following entrance exams and an additional military service deferral from the authorities. Tuition is fully covered by the military, subject to a commitment to serve in a commissioned role.

Merchant Navy Officer Certification
The theoretical and practical matriculation exams and the diploma exams for practical mechanical engineering, exempt graduates from the written certification exams for a junior mechanical engineer officer in the merchant navy, provided the cadet successfully completes them. To achieve full certification, they must accumulate a minimum of 12 months of sea time and pass the oral certification exams set by the Ministry of Transport.

It’s Worth the Effort!


Studies in this track are both enjoyable and rewarding but demand dedication and effort. Graduates emerge with a recognized and sought-after profession, allowing them to pursue various paths after completing their mandatory military service, including:

  • Mechanical officer in the merchant navy.
  • Mechanical officer in the Israeli Navy.
  • Academic studies.
  • A career in engineering management, planning, and production professions in industry.

נושאי לימוד

ימאות ספינות
ניווט חופי
מכונאות ספינות
ניווט ומכשירים
קורס ע"ר לצורך הסמכה לשיט

מעשי: הסמכות מעשיות לטופז אומגה סנונית (משיט 21 ) סירה מהירה (משיט 12 ) וספינה (משיט 30)

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