Electronics and Computer Engineering Program

Program Objectives

The Electronics and Computers Engineering track at the Nautical College of Akko trains its students in a variety of subjects related to electrical engineering, electronics and computer sciences.

Electronics, a technical and scientific discipline, stands at the forefront of the technological revolution in the modern world and tech industry. Ongoing advancements in research and development in this field continue apace in Israel and worldwide, and the increasing demand for skilled and professional personnel, possessing an innovative and creative spirit, makes electronics a highly sought-after profession.

Admission Requirements:

The program accepts applicants who have successfully completed ninth grade with grades of 70 or above in mathematics and physics, and good vision (without color blindness).

Full Matriculation Certificate Plus
All students in the track take full matriculation exams, which include specialized track subjects equivalent to 15 units, in addition to regular matriculation subjects.
The track subjects are grouped into three clusters:

Mandatory subject — Physics at a level of 3-5 units.

Major subject — Introduction to electrical engineering, including the subjects: electrical theory, analog and digital electronics, digital systems, and introduction to computer engineering (including microcontroller and C).

Specialization subject — Electronic Systems: Data Communication, Visual Communication, Advanced Communication Systems.
Students initially learn the foundational principles of electronics and computers, providing them with a scientific and technical background for further specialized studies.

Studies in this track focus on a combination of theoretical and practical learning. In the laboratory, students apply the theoretical knowledge gained in class, learning to identify electronic components and utilizing testing and measurement devices.

Students in the track engage in a small project, beginning with the planning and construction phases and progressing through fault identification to operating it as a finished product. These tasks transform the learning experience in the track into an experiential and rewarding journey.

Upon completing high school studies, students who successfully pass all exams are awarded a vocational certification diploma.

Bonus Points for Matriculation Scores
The major and specialization subjects are studied at a 5-unit level.
These subjects provide students with a bonus when enrolling in higher education institutions (universities, the Technion), provided they achieve a score of 60 or higher.
The practical implication of this is a substantial improvement in average matriculation scores and admission statistics at higher education institutions.

Electronics Practical Engineering Diploma
Upon completing high school studies, students continue to our college for further education. Graduates of 14th grade are awarded an electronics practical engineering diploma, contingent on successfully passing all required exams. Students in 13th and 14th grades receive a deferral from military service and are enlisted in the Technical Reserve track of the IDF. Studies in 14th grade are contingent upon a commitment to serve two years of commissioned service.

Continued Studies for a Bachelor’s Degree
Graduates of 14th grade who excel in their studies and possess IDF officer candidacy qualifications, may pursue a bachelor’s degree in electronics and computer engineering even prior to their military service. These studies are conducted at five colleges across the country (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Karmiel, Be’er Sheva, Ariel), and admission is granted following entrance exams and an additional military service deferral from the authorities. Tuition is fully covered by the military, subject to a commitment for commissioned service. The duration of studies to obtain the degree is two and a half years. Completion of the electronics engineering bachelor’s degree can also be done after military service.

The Electronics Track Challenging, Fascinating and Full of Promise

Studies in this track challenge students, providing them with knowledge and understanding in the technological world we inhabit and giving them a headstart upon completion of their studies.

Graduates of the track successfully integrate into the Israeli Navy and other military branches, serving in roles of interest with numerous promotion opportunities.

The experience gained in the IDF contributes to our students’ successful integration into some of the most promising and sought-after professions in the job market.

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