About the Boarding School

Empowering the Next Generation!

The Nautical College of Akko is a naval high school that trains boys and girls for excellence and command and leadership positions.


The school uses the sea and command experience as educational tools, presenting students with unconventional and fascinating challenges that shape their character and develop their abilities, instilling in them qualities and skills such as mutual support and teamwork, operation and management of life on a ship, and working under pressure.

Within a boarding school framework, the program cultivates the character traits and behavior they will later require in leadership positions. This combination sets our school apart from other schools across the country. The Nautical College of Akko works closely with the navy.


The boarding school includes about 340 male and female students in ninth through 12th grade, divided into four “departments” (1-4). Upon completion of the 12th grade, graduates who meet the criteria can choose to continue their studies to grades 13-14 for a practical engineering degree.


The boarding school has four buildings called “departments”, and the cadets are also divided into four age groups, with each department having a staff consisting of a coordinator, two instructors, a house mother, a social worker and a navy sailor. The school is also attended by a nurse and a doctor during the day.

The boarding school delivers a diverse educational program according to departments and age groups, as well as a holistic and varied set of enrichment classes, social and marine activities, sabbath activities, nature hikes and trips throughout the country. There is also a learning center open every afternoon with enrichment courses.


All this builds qualities and values such as, excellence and professionalism, leadership, adherence to a mission, discipline and responsibility, love of the sea and the land, friendship and love of people in every cadet.


The academic program at the College prepares cadets for adult lives as soldiers and upstanding citizens. We develop independent thinking, academic and practical skills, social and national values, and training for officer positions and meaningful roles, with a focus on the navy.


The training department includes an experienced team of academic instructors along with a supporting team of professional social workers.

Our mission as educators is to unlock and maximize the individual potential inherent in each and every cadet. Although education towards leadership is a result of self-management by the cadets, an important part of this process is setting clear boundaries and red lines, which are agreed upon both among the faculty and among the cadets.


We make sure to keep in regular contact with the cadets’ families through phone calls, a home visit and meetings at the three parents’ days held throughout the year.


We believe in the saying that there is no better place than here and no better time than now. For parents interested in imparting these values and education to their children, this is the best place and time to do so.

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