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School of Practical Engineering — Nautical College of Akko

The Nautical College of Akko includes a school of practical engineering, training practical electrical and mechanical engineers. The school operates in collaboration with the Israeli Navy and the IDF’s Technology and Maintenance Corps, and 80% of the tuition is covered by the IDF.


The purpose of the school is to provide students with the latest technological education in professions in high demand in Israel’s industrial sector and in the IDF.


Training focuses on the technical-practical aspect of the various professions, and is characterized by creativity, professionalism, advanced technology and a rich learning experience.


During their studies, the practical engineer acquires the knowledge and technical skills required in order to successfully tackle the complex challenges they would face in planning, operating and maintaining intricate mechanical, electronic and electrical systems.


Benefits of the practical engineering program

  • A significantly shorter training period than a university degree.
  • The tuition is much lower compared to university.
  • The threshold requirements for acceptance to the program are less stringent than for a bachelor’s degree program.
  • Training takes place at the Nautical College of Akko.


The practical engineering school offers two study tracks:

  1. The “Marom” program for 12th grade graduates with a theoretical high school education.
  2. The “Galim” program for 12th grade graduates with a vocational high school education.

Admission requirements


The Marom program:

  • A full matriculation certificate with at least 3 units in mathematics and English.
  • Successful completion of a preparatory course in physics at the school during the summer holidays (students with 5 units of study in physics and a minimum score of 60 will be exempt).
  • Successfully completing a marine combat soldier trial period (for those wishing to serve in the navy).
  • Signing an eighteen-month military service commission.


The Galim program:

  • 12th grade graduates with a major in electronics or mechanics.
  • Holders of a vocational matriculation certificate with at least 7 units in vocational subjects, 3 units in math, 3 units in English and 1 unit in Hebrew.
  • Successfully completing a marine combat soldier trial period (for those wishing to serve in the navy).
  • Signing an eighteen-month military service commission.


Students accepted to the school receive a deferral of their military service and are considered to be in the IDF’s technical reserve.


  • The military will cover 80% of the student’s tuition.
  • Graduates of 14th grade with appropriate academic achievements may pursue a bachelor’s degree in electronics and computer engineering even prior to their military service (subject to IDF consent).


Upon completion of studies, graduates are drafted to the IDF and work in their newly acquired profession during their military service. During their military service, the graduates are exposed to state-of-the-art technology in their specific field, providing them with extensive professional experience and giving them an edge in the civilian employment market over less experienced graduates.


The program offers its graduates professional training and gives them clarity regarding their military service.

Employment options


Practical engineers provide a response to demand in the market for skilled workers with thorough technical certification.


After their military service, a practical electronic / mechanical engineer diploma allows the graduate to assume various positions in the civilian tech industry such as project planning and development, equipment maintenance, sales and marketing, and laboratory work.


Future civilian opportunities


Our graduates carry out meaningful military service. By the time they complete it, they have already acquired an education and a profession that is in high demand, as well as experience in that profession. This safeguards their future and allows them to choose one of the following courses of action when they complete their compulsory military service:


  • Commissioned military service
  • A tech career in Israel or abroad
  • Academic studies
  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in engineering in Israeli universities
  • Practical engineers are exempt (in some colleges) from the psychometric test to qualify for a bachelor’s program
  • Practical engineers are credited (in some colleges) with up to 30 credits

Why choose us?

  • Academic quality
  • Small classes and a friendly atmosphere
  • Personal attention to each student
  • Close assistance by the teachers
  • Support for those encountering difficulties
  • Accommodation can be provided (student dormitories, for an additional fee)
  • Three meals a day at the school (for an additional fee)


Registration to the school is open from January to March at our office. You can contact us at 04-9851225 or 050-5511124.


  • *Registration is subject to the IDF’s consent.
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