The Cadet Unit

The cadet unit is organized in a hierarchical structure by age cohorts, and all command duties are assigned to the cadets, partly by appointment and partly by roster. The students themselves run the school’s daily functions from the moment they wake up until lights out, and are responsible for the order, discipline and cleanliness of the boarding school and classrooms.


Roles in the Cadet Unit


The cadet unit is headed by a 12th grade student midshipman, who is assisted and substituted, if necessary, by an adjutant and deputy midshipman. The three are appointed to their positions by the training department staff and commander of the cadets (principal of the boarding school) for an academic term.


The midshipman is responsible for supervising adherence to the daily routine in the boarding school in accordance with the standing instructions and procedures of the cadet unit, organize the morning parade, ensure the cadets’ orderly and neat appearance on school grounds and appoint position holders and weekly duty roles. The adjutant is responsible for all of the cadet unit’s administrative issues and takes on the midshipman’s duties in their absence. The deputy midshipman is responsible for all environmental issues, serves as chair of the cleaning committee and chair of the safety and security committee.


Each grade of the school is commanded by a first cadet, who is responsible for order, discipline and managing the daily routine. The first cadets of the ninth and 10th grades are appointed by the commander of cadets from among the 12th grade students for a term of about a month and a half. These are among the most senior and coveted positions.


Unlike the other position holders in the cadet unit, they experience commanding a group of students younger than them, accompanying and guiding them in all activities outside the classrooms: in the dorms, in doing their homework, on naval excursions, morning parades, wake-up call and lights out, cleaning inspections, social activities and more. In this role, the first cadet creates personal relationships with the students under their command, contributing to their education, helping them to succeed, and passing on the school’s traditions and expected conduct to future generations. While dealing with the various problems they encounter in the performance of their duties, the first cadet acquires valuable command experience and builds their personality.


The first cadet’s deputy is the second cadet, who is appointed by the midshipman from among the students of the grade for a period of one week. This is the most junior command position in the cadet unit.


Command of the 11th and 12th grades, on the other hand, is given in turn to the first and second cadets from among the grade, that is, the cadets command their classmates. The difficulty in fulfilling this role is exercising command authority without harming friendships, a most challenging task.


Duty Roster


The daily routine at the boarding school is managed by a duty officer from among the students. The on-duty cadet is the senior person on duty, responsible for the daily routine of the cadet unit for one day. The duty officer is appointed by the midshipman from among the 12th grade students, and the appointment is advertised in the routine orders.


The on-duty cadet supervises the wake-up call, takes care of order in the dining hall during meals, conducts the morning parade together with the midshipman and checks the appearance of the 11th graders, conducts an inspection of the residences and classrooms, compiles a report of those who have missed the morning parade and lights out, is responsible for all the classroom lights being turned off, and supervises compliance with the standing orders and procedures of the cadet unit.


The on-duty cadet is guided in their duties by the duty instructors and is assisted by a junior duty cadet, an 11th grade student, who is also assigned to a one-day shift. The main role of the junior duty cadet is to wake the office holders, supervise the daily order of patients, and assist the duty cadet in whatever is required.

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